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Kenya Tanzania Budget Safari Tour
$2 150.00
These safari tour of Kenya and Tanzania takes you to Maasai mara, Lake Manyara, Ngorongoro crater an
2 May 2015
You Are a Powerful Creator, My Little One: Creati
Accompany a typical child who soon learns that he has an amazing power – to create happiness. Find out where happiness starts and how to create it in your life. Price: $13.95 (Softcover)
24 March 2015
Things Fall Apart: A Novel of Survival and Honor
People only need to trust that everything is not about darkness as each person has his own spirit of survival to triumph even in the middle of his darkest hours. Price: $18.95
24 November 2014
The Wayward Coffin
You can be quite scared yet you will surely have fun reading this unique story of mystery, mixed wit
20 November 2014
Church Planting
Those who wish to plant a church must be committed to Christ and His Church. This Book is an example of God's Will working in the life of His servant. Price: $7.74
20 November 2014
Genesis Reloaded
Explore the line between science, politics, and spirituality as the author delves into the scriptur
19 November 2014
Maximum Performance Financial for Everyday People
Here’s a financial book that teaches in a step by step manner, making it easy and simple to understand for all. Paperback Price: $7.56
18 November 2014
Pressure Indicating Film
Expert pressure indicating film from the best Fujifilm prescale. Pressure Matrics is a world leader
15 November 2014
Minoan Signs – An African Decipherment
This authentic Linear A decipherment uses the comparative method to identify the language group of
1 July 2014
The Core Question: Who Am I?
Join the author in this personal journey that radically simplifies the processes of removing Other P
8 May 2014
A Can of Mixed Nuts
Author Gary Anglin weaves a combination of Short Stories, Essays, Poems and some short fishing stories in this engaging collection. Book Price: $14.95
7 May 2014
Veterans Day
Viet Nam vet Jim Thurmond must risk being branded a domestic terrorist in order to reform America's political system or else watch America's continued decline. Book Price: $10.68 paperback
6 May 2014
Featuring 2 Books
Let your little ones experience the power of storytelling in imparting valuable life lessons with t
9 April 2014
How to Stop a Hurricane and Some Other Things You
Author Allan Manchester shares unique insights by dismissing conventional wisdom and the foundation
13 March 2014
Sparkles and Guns
Accompany Sparkles the Clown of Many Moods as he visits this world to teach everyone to become the best they can be and pass it on. Book Price: $16.19
12 March 2014
The Gardener at Sea and Other Tales
When the unspoken thoughts of the quiet gardener are unveiled, a whole lot of emotions and ideas unr
23 January 2014
Learn more about religion, life, and history. Laugh at truths that are worded so well they can actua
16 January 2014
Hello , I want to ask for help from all the people of the planet
Hello , I want to ask for help from all the people of the planet earth . I write honest, me and my f
19 December 2013
Featuring 4 books
From evangelism doctor author Leon Kabasele come four inspiring and thoughtful books for those who a
10 December 2013
Black Angel
Immerse yourself in an epic battle between good and evil. Witness the Black Angel fight against vam
5 December 2013