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Learn more about religion, life, and history. Laugh at truths that are worded so well they can actually hurt. All these discoveries in one entertaining and painfully candid read – Diddlysquat. Paperb Read offer info...

16 January 2014

Hello , I want to ask for help from all the people of the planet

Hello , I want to ask for help from all the people of the planet earth . I write honest, me and my family , need help on a trip round the world trip . I am a believer in the Lord and do not believe in Read offer info...

19 December 2013

Featuring 4 books

From evangelism doctor author Leon Kabasele come four inspiring and thoughtful books for those who are spiritually hungry and need a spiritual refresher to rekindle and boost their Christian faith. P Read offer info...

10 December 2013

Black Angel

Immerse yourself in an epic battle between good and evil. Witness the Black Angel fight against vampires, witches, and other supernatural beasties in this faith-versus-doubt novel. Paperback: $11.66 Read offer info...

5 December 2013

$3 000.00


7 August 2013

Finding My Invincible Summer

Witness how her prognosis of six months to live becomes a catalyst for discovering the secrets of being truly, joyfully alive in this touching memoir of cancer, love, loss and redemption. Paperback: Read offer info...

30 July 2013

I Give You All About Bass Fishing Tricks..

Planning for becoming a better Bass fisherman? Let's pay attention! There's finally a new, breakthrough book created just for people like you! Simply just click here to discover Bass Fishing 101: ht Read offer info...

26 May 2013

Caregiver Follow Me

Author uses photographs, illustrations and stories to teach caregivers how to train dogs to help them control patient wandering. Alzheimer's dog decrease stress and give therapeutic benefits. Book Read offer info...

17 May 2013

Speak My Soul

In this poetry volume philosopher-poet, Dr. Rudolph Vanterpool, takes the reader on an exciting adventure of ideas and life-experiences that are rooted in concrete geographical spaces and cultural mem Read offer info...

22 April 2013

Integrity, Courage & Soul: Leadership Traits for the 21st Centur

Educator-author Dr. Alvin Holst revisits the importance of Integrity, Courage & Soul: Leadership Traits for the 21st Century to underline what society importantly and direly needs at present. Book p Read offer info...

11 April 2013

The Ocoosa County Burden

A new settler and a long-time resident in Ocoosa County discover and investigate the area’s 130-year history of sporadic infanticide – a legacy of infant deaths – in this spine-chilling mystery thrill Read offer info...

4 April 2013


Join Johnathanand Irisin a vacation that will not only give them fun and sun, but will also get the ever-living daylights scared out of them in Calvary. Book Price: Paperback $13.95 eBook Read offer info...

27 March 2013

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Featuring 3 books

Former soccer player and high school coach, author Del Nett, shares Childhood Stories of a Neighborhood Gang and two soccer novels about high school girls and soccer lessons and fun. Book Prices: Read offer info...

20 March 2013

Will A Man Rob God?!

Manage your money and prosper as you walk with the Lord.Feed your hungry human soul with a healthy source of spiritual food prepared by author Lora Coleman. Book Price: $14.95 Paperback $23.99 Hard Read offer info...

19 March 2013

5 Minute Classroom Manager

Veteran educator Roberta Silfen offers a simple step-by-step approach to modifying children’s classroom behaviorby being a 5 Minute Classroom Manager. Choose from many different techniques that suit Read offer info...

18 March 2013

How to Travel to Nice Destination on a budget (148 pages)

Traveling can be exciting and thrilling, but it can also be stressful and dangerous. Just the sheer amount of information available on traveling can be overwhelming. If you’ve been planning a trip, y Read offer info...

23 November 2012

URGENT Recherche personne fançaise vivant à NEW YORK

Bonjour, JF de 50 ans, mariée, habitant Paris, mais seule de passage à NY pour 2 ou 3 jours courant Novembre, je souhaite rencontrer une ou des personnes françaises vivant à NY pour m'héberger 2 nuits Read offer info...

14 October 2012

Featuring 2 books
$1 850.00

Follow Detective Jack Ireland as mystery, suspense, action and drama abound in Button, Button and Vengeance. See him fall in love, cry, and in heart-pounding action in this series. Book Price: paper Read offer info...

26 July 2012

Организация туров Отдых-Обзор-Бизнес в страны Евросоюза

Предложение Организации туров и составление групп по интересам и направлениям в страны Евросоюза.Обзорные и туры класса VIP на яхтах по Средиземному морю с проживанием в элитных домах и апартаментах.Б Read offer info...

23 July 2012

Chambres d'hotes - gite sur BATEAU de LUXE en CHAMPAGNE

BATEAU DE LUXE EN CHAMPAGNE A EPERNAY -FRANCE 5 CHAMBRES POUR 10 PERSONNES 1 SEMAINE 800.00 € MINI WEEK END (du vendredi 18h au dimanche 12h) 500.00 € LA NUITEE 120.00 € Pour vos repas nous vous prop Read offer info...

2 July 2012

My Great-Grandfather
$1 841.00

Author Earnest Kinnie traces down his family history from his great grandfather who was born in 1850 up to his grandfather born in 1887 in this engaging genealogical read. Book Price: $18.41

21 June 2012

Spiritual Poems from an Unschooled Spirit

Feel the emotions in this Spiritual Poems from an Unschooled Spirit. A gamut of sentiments, from joy and sadness to loss and renewal, awaits you in these verses. Book Price: $19.95 paperback Read offer info...

18 May 2012

Spiritual Poems from an Unschooled Spirit

Feel the emotions in this Spiritual Poems from an Unschooled Spirit. A gamut of sentiments, from joy and sadness to loss and renewal, awaits you in these verses. Book Price: $19.95 paperback Read offer info...

17 May 2012

A Fetal Requisition

Featuring 12 poems with a variety of themes, this poetry anthology challenges ideas and beliefs that shape our behavior and strives to evaluate how perception is created and often misunderstood. Book Read offer info...

16 May 2012

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Final Flight from Sanaa and Two Boys from Aden College

Author Qais Ghanem confronts head-on the marginalization of Muslim women, restriction of their sexual choices, cross cultural relationships, homosexuality, rape, and corruption in two eye-opening book Read offer info...

10 May 2012

Anointed Singles Seeking the Heart of God: Guidanc

In this relationship book that deals with coming together as a Christian, you will also discover how a single person can stand for righteousness and please God in your relationships. It includes prepa Read offer info...

5 May 2012

Scent of Jasmine
$1 299.00

Author Nitza Agam shares her memoir that captures the pivotal moments, in prose and poetry, of the three settings where she has lived: New Jersey, Israel, and San Francisco. Book price: $12.99

25 April 2012

The First Four Days

The truths scientists have discovered about this world must be complementary and not contradictory to God’s Word. That’s how a lifelong laser physicist and optical specialist interpret the Genesis 1 Read offer info...

18 April 2012

Art Deco 1/2 Carat Diamond Ring – 14K Two-Tone Gold

This engagement ring revels in the Art Deco period design. Swirling flower and petal motif is delicately etched into the smooth 14k white gold band. An intricate, lustrous yellow gold lotus flower ope Read offer info...

18 April 2012

Championnat monde handball

Championnat monde ligue en live de handball en streaming sur internet. Regardez un match handball france.

18 April 2012

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