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Created by Jollyhers, 28 June 2017

<p>There was a time when kids would just wear whatever their parents got them, but not anymore. Kids today – whether kindergartners, elementary school kids, or middle school kids – are just as fashion conscious as adults! Call it the influence of the visual media or anything else, it’s a fact that if you have kids at home, you have simply got to be on top of the trends of the Jollyhers <strong><a href="" title="fashion kids clothing">fashion kids clothing</a></strong> . Now if you’re all at sea as to what is hot this summer, chill. We spoke to several designers and experts, and have identified the top 11 fashion trends in kids’ wear this summer. Take a look:<br />
1. Mini Me Dressing:<br />
You heard that right! Imagine mom and daughter, or father and son dressed in similar clothes – how cute is that! One of the fashion trends for kids this summer is clothes translated from adult fashion. Now you and your kids can literally wear matching outfits at parties.<br />
2. Bright floral prints for girls:<br />
Perhaps one of the evergreen fashion trends for little girls. Women of all ages love flowers – that’s no secret. Little girls in dresses with brightly colored flowers look really nice – you can’t get more ‘girly’ than that. Summer is a time for brightness anyway – bring it on!<br />
3. Urban unisex style:<br />
This style is casual, easy and comfy, and a boon for busy moms who would rather throw something together quickly rather than spend hours picking out the perfect outfit. Mix and match pants or shorts, blouses or shirts; these clothes will help the skin to breathe, and allow the kids stay cool when they are outdoors: Great for play dates, picnics and visit to the park.<br />
4. Street fashion:<br />
For the uber fashion conscious child, layered clothing, loose jackets and pants, high necked shirts, long socks/thick stockings for girls, scarves, baseball caps worn backwards, sneakers – and a couple of bracelets and chains throw in to complete the look.<br />
5. Jackets:<br />
Huh – in the summer? Yeah, well, even kids are willing to suffer a bit for fashion! Jokes aside, light denim and tweed jackets are so in. These are great for windy days and whenever there’s a bit of a nip in the air.<br />
6. Prints:<br />
Small prints; big prints; cartoon prints; prints of all kids are hot, hot, hot, this summer. Prints on shirts, shorts, skirts and dresses – it’s all good.<br />
7. Inspired by Nature:<br />
With the people of the Earth becoming more eco conscious by the day, kids are not far behind; kids’ clothes inspired by the colors and scenes of forests, oceans, mountains and lakes are a huge hit with little ones. Dress up your angel in Nature inspired clothes, and see them shine!<br />
8. Organic Cotton:<br />
Come summer and your woolens and synthetics go into hibernation; it’s time to bring out the linens and cottons to keep your skin cool. The hottest new trend in both adults’ and kids’ clothing is going Earth friendly. And this means organic cotton; you may have to shell out a few extra dollars, but it’s well worth the expense. Shirts and dresses made of organic cotton with vegetable dyes and other ecofriendly inks are great for young skin – especially if your child suffers from allergies. Plus, your kid will stand out with this unique clothing style.<br />
9. Inspired by Wildlife:<br />
Everyone knows kids love fairy tales – and teddy bears. Nearly all fairy tales have animal characters in them: a wolf, fox, bear, eagle, and so on. What better way to keep kids in the fairy tale world than giving them clothes which remind them? Wildlife motifs have always been around, but this summer, they are really big in kids’ fashion.<br />
10. Shape wise:<br />
Much like adult clothing, kids’ clothing is going funky: boys look ultra-cute in chinos and cargo pants – the more the pockets, the merrier. Reversible jackets, with a design on either side look cool on boys and girls. Girls shirts are being made with oversized collars that hardly shows a