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PINALL is the world’s leadingcompany in the field of implementation andsupport of CRM systems. We help people find, pick, compare CRM software andintegrate technology into business processes and operations to save time, increaseemployee productivity and grow sales.
PINALL successfully provide CRM implementation and maintenance,integration with third-party apps and systems (1C, online chats, callbacks, email-lists, telephony, landings), customer support. Our website shows companies all theoptions of business software and we provide free advice to help them make theright choice.Our team has delivered more than 600 CRM projects for companiesoperating in different industries and business areas.
PINALL has helped manyorganizations select the right software solution for their business, while providingthe ideal channel for a lot of software vendors to reach active customers.
We provide a wide range of professional services for companies:
- Selection, implementation and technical support of CRM systems.
- CRM training and maintenance
- CRM integration with services and platforms
- API improvements
- Website and CRM integration
- Telephony connection
- Creating scripts and operating scenarios
- Formalizing business processes
- Organizing online webinars
The main focus in our approach to CRM is understanding and adapting our solutions to your core business strategy and objectives. Our goal is making your business successful.
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Phone number +1 (929) 999-57-43
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